Solving Problems, Being Helpful

Our order of crew wicking shirts was to arrive on the Thursday prior to the Philmont Departure. When the box arrived, I opened it with great excitement, only to find a box full of the Pacific Beach Family Reunion Team Holland shirts!

With immediate calls, emails, and social media posts for help, (since I am on the West Coast and the company is in Pensylvania) I was able to get another order printed and in the mail the next day. On Friday, afternoon, I received a call from Rush Order Tees Customer Service. They had found our original order had been shipped to Washington to the family reunion people who had unfortunately just discovered the wrong shirts were in their box and there wasn’t time for Rush Order Tees to get another shipment in production for them that would arrive in time for their event so I worked with the Rush Order Tees Customer Service team and received a shipping label to send the Pacific Beach shirts to their original recipients in hopes that they would receive their shirts in time for their event. Almost a week late, our original box arrived with a handwritten note. I love that they recognized our logo and responded with words that were fitting for such a snafu.

Thanks to the Rush Order Tees team for their fast reaction to replace our order with minimal time, even though we did not get them in time for Philmont, and to Kristy and Sean Holland, wherever you are, for getting our original shirts back to us!

It’s a mistake to think you can solve any major problems with with just potatoes. – Douglas Adams, Life the Universe and Everything

Lessons learned:

  1. Always try to prepare for anything.

2. Allow extra time in the event unforeseen delays occur (In addition to the shipping error, wildfires were also causing delays to shipments from the Washington area).

3. Have a back up plan.

4. A scout is Helpful

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